Woolhanger Farm

The estate has been built up by the present owner over the last 40 years to be one of the largest privately owned estates on Exmoor. Woolhanger is a working farm with a dedicated workforce, who live as a community on the estate. The farm is a mixed livestock unit which runs 600 Galloway/South Devon X Galloway cows and over 2000 Hill North Country Cheviot ewes, with all lambs taken through to finishing on the farm. The whole farm is involved in higher level conservation schemes.

The estate also has a small herd of wild Exmoor Ponies which can be seen running on Butter Hill, and herds of wild Red Deer can be seen on the estate, sometimes as many as 20 running together. There are many varieties of wild birds to be seen including the two Buzzards that live on the estate.

Guests staying in our holiday cottages and attending events can explore the estate on the varied footpaths that cross Woolhanger Estate, and see for themselves the true beauty, peace and privacy the estate has to offer our visitors. Over 1200 acres right to roam land is incorporated into the estate and guests can be directed to maps and information about footpaths.